zondag 9 maart 2014

Collection Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM.- The Rijksmuseum has received an exceptional donation of Dutch jewellery. In celebration of the conferral of her doctorate, art historian and publicist Marjan Unger donated to the Rijksmuseum nearly 500 pieces of Dutch jewellery which she had personally collected over the last few decades. The collection, which covers the period 1905-2008, with a focus on the years 1930-1970, fits in perfectly with the Rijksmuseum’s existing collection. Thanks to the donation, when the Rijksmuseum reopens in 2013 following the renovations, it will boast the only Dutch jewellery collection offering an overview from the 8th century to today. Internationally, Dutch jewellery is known for its distinctive appearance and high quality. 

The collection also contains a ring and necklace by Chequita Nahar 

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