donderdag 15 september 2011

Materia, 3D Printing Exhibition

The exhibition ‘Materia goes 3D Printing’ runs from 8 September 2011 till 27 January 2012 and focuses on several techniques of Rapid Manufacturing that are in use now.  
Techniques are explained, printers and products are at display. During two special lecture days, experts on the subject will share their knowledge and enthusiasm. Furthermore Materia initiates an international jewellery competition.
Materia goes 3D Printing
Rapid Prototyping, Rapid Manufacturing, Rapid Tooling, 3D printing, Stereolithography, Laser Sintering – what does it mean, what can I do with it and what is it used for?
With the exhibition ‘Materia goes 3D printing’ we want to break the confusion and bridge the distance between the different terms. Everybody knows a bit about this theme or has heard about it. The exhibition provides information that makes the visitor understand the possibilities of the different technologies and makes them think further.
Location:Materia Inspiration Centre -Pedro de Medinalaan 1b -1086 XK Amsterdam- 

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